*In a press statement, Bharti has announced that the long-standing disputes with the Otudeko family in Nigeria have been resolved. Mr Otudeko will also be appointed as the Chairman of our company in Nigeria.

*Telkom is facing a leadership crisis following the departure of four executives last month and the announcement on Friday that CEO Reuben September is going on forced retirement when his contract expires in November

*The future of Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) councillor William Stucke is hanging in the balance after two legal opinions found that his appointment as a councillor of the telecoms and broadcasting regulator was invalid. Section 6 of the Icasa Act says a person who has financial interests in the communications sector may not be appointed as councillor.
* Attachmate and NetIQ announce the appointment of Michel van der Laan (45) as Senior Director EMEA. In his new role, Van der Laan will be responsible for all sales and marketing activities for the software company NetIQ business in EMEA.