New Telecoms Company Ready to Roll in South Africa


iBurst Business lost most of its staff earlier this year when there was a mass exodus as they joined the newly formed Blue Label Communications and moved into the Blue Label Telecoms offices.  It is understood that Blue Label Telecoms had plans to invest in Blue Label Communications and take a 70% shareholding in the company.

Former iBurst Business CEO Steve Briggs, who was heading up Blue Label Communications, said that they have been involved in ongoing discussions with potential shareholders from the get go and could now confirm that Blue Label Telecoms would not be involved in their venture any longer.

Briggs however announced that they have secured an investor for their business, adding that the company’s new name and shareholding will be revealed after all the agreements are signed.  Briggs said that the new company and its 21 staff will move out of the Blue Label Telecoms offices into their own premises in due course.

Despite the fact that ‘Blue Label Communications’ had a rocky start the company has already signed up numerous clients, and Briggs said that the future looks bright for the company.

Briggs added that while they will continue to make use of iBurst Business’ telecoms offerings, they are a technology agnostic company and will utilize services from a variety of providers to best serve their customers’ needs.