Connect Technologies Unveils e-Lawyer Software in Nigeria


Nigerian leading local software application makers, Connect Technologies Limited has released into the Nigerian IT market an e-Lawyer application software solution.

The solution, according to the Managing Director of Connect Technologies Limited, Yinka Tanimowo, the software was designed to automate proceedings from law offices to court provides for the effective electronic organization, administration and management of all core centres of vital information flow (internally and externally) related to the operations of law offices nationwide court proceedings and activities.

Developed under exclusive professional guidance and consistent with best practice principle ,he said that the solution has attained the global required standard and quality.

"e-Lawyer is designed, developed and managed by Connect Technologies Limited and has been under construction and peer review testing for the past 18 months, making it perhaps the most expansive well tested solution for Law Offices in Nigeria today, with well organized database and search engines' he said.

Benefits of our e-Lawyer to customers, according to him will include treatment of individual Clients, Case Management, Registry, Archives, among others.

The e-Lawyer, according to him also helps:

    * Automate and optimize their internal business processes--in areas such as Client records, Case Management, Accounts, Registry, Archives, Cause List, and human resource
    * Establish a reliable Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence operation - and,
    * Free them from some of the minutia found in day to-day operations.

It is pertinent at this point to emphasize that the e-Lawyer Application Software is ready for installation, customization and full implementation. Furthermore, it can be interfaced with the existing Database of your Personnel/Staff Records and accounting Application.