17-18 June 2010, BIS Conference Centre, London, UK
With the critical information infrastructure of Estonia coming under attack in 2007, the focus of Cyber security was elevated from an individual perspective to a National perspective. Importantly this incident highlighted the need for developing countries to implement robust and effective Cybersecurity frameworks, without which the entire Cyber World will be at risk.
Continuing with the work carried out by the Global ICT stakeholder community, most notably ICANN and ITU, the CTO’s Cybersecurity Conference aims to:
- Create awareness of the many facets of cyber threats and alert stakeholders of the need to adopt robust Cybersecurity frameworks
- Build capacity of the key decision makers in developing countries to implement strategies aimed at preventing and responding to the growing menace of Cyber threats
Provide the key decision makers with the means to adopt resilient technical measures, establish appropriate organisational structures and create robust legal/regulatory frameworks
- Promote international cooperation in Cybersecurity to help developing countries to leverage the strengths of developed countries 
- Broker partnerships between the different players in Cybersecurity to facilitate the flow of information, expertise and resources 
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21-22 September 2010, Nairobi, Kenya
The most comprehensive African wholesale telecoms conference bringing together local and regional fixed-line and mobile operators from across the continent
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