Africa’s Double Bonanza: Main One Cable Goes Live while GLO – 1 Ready To Go


Main One has announced today that it’s 1,920 Gbps, 7000 kilometres long, submarine fibre optic cable system linking West Africa to Europe has been completed and commissioned. With landing stations in Nigeria and Ghana and branching units in Morocco, Canary Islands, Senegal and Ivory Coast, the cable will deliver unprecedented broadband capacity to West Africa, more than ten times what is currently available.

With its cable system now turned on, Main One is poised to champion a communications revolution in Africa impacting businesses, governments and individuals by providing higher bandwidth and exceptional speeds at a lower cost. The ramifications of Main One’s cable will be felt in all sectors: from education, to health, to entertainment, etc helping driving economic growth and creating job opportunities all over Africa.

“Today is a historic day for West Africa. The arrival of the Main One cable proves that much good can be done by Africans for Africans. We are pleased to realise the fruit of our dedication and commitment in the past30 months. More importantly, we are happy to be a channel for driving growth in Africa and changing the status quo for the average African as reliable internet connectivity becomes easily accessible and affordable for all” said Fola Adeola, Chairman Main One Cable Company.

Main One, is wholly African and is the first privately owned submarine network cable in West Africa. A landmark achievement, Main One delivered its cable system on time and within budget, a rare occurrence with projects of this magnitude and complexity.

West African submarine fibre-optic cable system Glo-1, which was developed by Nigerian telecoms operator Globacom and French vendor Alcatel-Lucent, is ready for commissioning, Nigerian newspaper ThisDay reports.