Tunisian Government Opens New Cyberpark in Southern Tunisia


In Tunisia, the ICT sector currently accounts for 11% of the country's GDP. Efforts are underway to further boost its contribution to reach 13% of the GDP in the next 5 years. In line with this strategy, a cyberpark was recently put into service in Medenine in southern Tunisia. It is the country's 13th cyberpark.

The cyberpark which will offer a remote work platform, was set up at an investment cost of 1, 2 million dinars. It also includes a call center employing 30 young people.
Other projects will be launched within the premises of the Medenine cyberpark, including units specializing in computer maintenance, the programming of mobile phones and other technical solutions operated remotely.

Tunisia's 13 cyberparks currently employ some 900 people and are home to 90 companies. By the end of 2010, Tunisia will count 15 cyberparks with the forthcoming launch of two additional cyberparks in the governorates of Jendouba and Sidi Bouzid.