Telecoms News: In Brief


* The World Cup boosted mobile operator traffic. Vodacom enjoyed a 40% increase in SMS traffic over the month, with 600 million text messages sent. Elsewhere, Cell C saw its traffic boosted to three times the normal levels on in-bound roaming calls. Cell C CEO Lars Reichelt announced that traffic levels were 70% higher than for the same period last year, pinpointing the periods before and after the matches as particularly busy. Meanwhile, Cell C’s SMS traffic increased by more than 15% during the tournament.

* The ongoing registration of SIM cards in Kenya could be an opportunity for mobile banking as providers are encouraging subscribers to get signed in for both the number and the account. The rationale being floated is that if one is not already on the mobile money transfer service, they can sign up and if they are, but are not on the cellphone account, they can save time by signing up with all of them at a go. This means subscribers can get the phone number registration, mobile money transfer subscription and a cellphone account at the same time. Meanwhile Tanzania will block over five million mobile phone subscribers if they fail to meet a July 14 deadline for registration of subscribers countrywide.

* The digital network of Angola Telecom, the country’s fixed incumbent in the Central Kwanza-Sul Province, will be inaugurated at the end of this month, an official source has announced. The company's provincial director, José Freitas, said it is already concluded the technical part of the project and interested costumers are signing the contracts for access to the services.