Financing Needed for Seamless WiFi Services Project

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The implementer of a Ghana-based project that aims to deploy wireless network connections to provide fast internet access is seeking financing to the tune of $2.5m. The funding would commence the first phase of the project, which involves the acquiring of hardware and soft-ware, and working capital to cover operational and start-up expenses.

Teligent Wireless, a telecommunications services provider licensed in Ghana, seeks initial funding of $2.5-million to deploy wireless network connections to provide direct access to high speed internet access nationwide. The company proposes to fund the remaining phases of the project organically or via loans.

The Wi-Fi mesh will be built using high gain Omni directional Base Stations. These Base Stations are self-healing and can provide self-backhauling which will allow continuous communication from the user's equipment to the administrative platform when connected to any base station using CPEs. The proposed architecture is designed with a high density of 500 base stations to provide for more access without CPEs.

The set-up and technology has been tested with success in Ghana, and is currently performing similar functions in Rwanda, China and Brazil.

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