Telcoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage: In Brief

Telecoms, Rates, Offers and Coverage

*Telkom recently announced their new rates, and you will pay a few rand more on your total ADSL bill. Telkom announced in June that it has filed its latest tariff adjustments with the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) which will see an overall price increase of 0.8% kick in on 1 August 2010.Telkom’s monthly DSL rates, Do Broadband subscriptions and monthly Internet subscription charges will remain unchanged.Analogue line rental however increases from the current R131.00 to R133.30 which means that you can expect to pay R2.30 more on your overall ADSL bill.  Businesses are harder hit by the new prices, and here analogue line rental rates will increase from R174 to R182.70, an increase of R8.70 per month.

* The Uganda Communications Commission has announced a new uniform interconnection fee of Ush131 ($0.058), for both mobile and fixed connections.The fee, which is expected to level the playing field, became effective on July 6, according to Patrick Mwesigwa, the executive director of UCC.

*Nairobi — More Kenyans are willing to upgrade their mobile handsets in the next six months than was the case in the corresponding period last year.In 2008, the number of those willing to purchase new handsets stood at 48 per cent, then dropped to 32 per cent in 2009. This year, the figure stands at 69 per cent.