Internet News - In Brief


* MWEB today announced that they are set to start using Seacom bandwidth again from tonight if everything goes according to plan. In a statement MWEB said that “if all goes well, we will start the cut-over process later tonight. We will carry on monitoring the service and only complete the full cut-over later tomorrow, once we are satisfied that everything is running smoothly.”It is understood that MWEB will follow a cautious approach with the cut-over process, and that it will maintain capacity on alternative system, including SAT-3/SAFE and TEAMS, until they are certain that the Seacom system performs as expected.
*Nairobi — -AccessKenya Group, the first publicly listed ICT Company and Kenya's leading data and IT services experts' recorded 99.97 per cent network connectivity in its fibre optic network in the first six months of 2010, demonstrating network reliability as a key benefit of their new network structure. AccessKenya has already covered Nairobi with its fibre network and will soon be commencing construction of a fibre network in Mombasa. The new fibre network will give the Group the ability to offer reliable and significantly higher speeds to its 6,800 customers across fibre from its 5,000 megabits of international fibre from TEAMS and Seacom.