NCC Unveils Technology to Track Down Kidnappers

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The Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) has unveiled technology that can be used to track the location of kidnappers when such crime occurs.
The Acting Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of the Commission, Dr Bashir Gwandu who disclosed the technology in Abuja, said telecom operators would be assisted to install equipment on every mast and tower that could be used for triangulating between sites in order to identify real-geographical location of both GPS and None GPS-enabled mobile handsets.
Gwandu stated that in addition to the triangulation project, all GPS-enabled handsets can also be tracked by low earth orbit satellites. He further stated that there are other equipment that could be deployed to tract and identify the locations of handsets being used to solicit for ransom.
He said: "Once ownership of numbers can be identified, handsets can be tracked, and their geographical location becomes identifiable, then, any call made to solicit for ransom will help to locate the Kidnappers."
Decrying the problems of none registration of SIM cards, the NCC chief executive said "With just about N1,000, a multitude of crimes can be committed by purchasing multiple Sim-cards and fraudulently use them to threaten others via voice or text messages and also commit other phone-assisted crimes. "This has to stop, and we are working hard to stop it."
To curtail the phone assisted crimes, Gwandu said the Sim-card registration would not only help to identify the owners of mobile phone-numbers, but the data-base to be created would allow for pictures of criminals captured on CCTV or other cameras to be compared with and be searched in the phone users data-base for facial identification of criminals.
He further explained that the Sim-card registration could help in national-planning as well as for identification of criminals anywhere, anytime.