In Brief:

Mergers, Acquisitions and Financial Results

-  Nairobi — Retrenched Telkom Kenya staff who worked at its technology college will be paid terminal benefits of Sh160 million. The MultiMedia University College is negotiating with the relevant government departments to pay the more than 400 laid off staff. The college had a staff of 500, but the number was reduced to 88, who were incorporated into the multi-media university and put on its payroll. The only remaining issue was the payment of staff retrenched from Telkom Kenya.

- Telkom SA’s CFO Peter Nelson sold R1.77 million worth of shares only weeks before his departure

- Alt-X listed Internet publishing company Moneyweb Holdings and Caxton Publishers & Printers Ltd have sealed a partnership to build, manage and operate an online presence for Caxton-owned local newspapers. As part of the transaction, Caxton and its associates will acquire 34% of Moneyweb amounting to 30.8m shares at 68c each, for an amount of R21m payable in cash.