Internet News - In Brief


- Rwanda is to build 20 GSM masts to enable installation of Wibro internet connection in Kigali after failed request to use MTN's masts. The project, which was supposed to be completed December 2008, will be completed in the third quarter of 2009, according to its manager, Mark Kabromba.

- With the inauguration of a fibre-optic link to Lichinga, capital of the northernmost province of Niassa, the Mozambican state-owned telecommunications company, TDM, has completed the construction of its National Transmission Backbone. According to TDM, installing the fibre-optic connections, using terrestrial and undersea cables, has cost about 58.2 million euros (77.3 million US dollars).

- Starcomms Plc, is rolling out its 1x CDMA data services in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital in Nigeria. Simultaneously the company is introducing its premium data service, the iZAP broadband services to two major Nigerian cities, Ibadan and Calabar.

- As the Indian-government-sponsored Pan African e-network project gains ground in Africa, there are now fears that a lack of electricity to power the equipment will keep the initiative from moving forward. The project, which is a joint initiative between the Indian government and the African Union, was first launched in Ethiopia in 2007, followed by Rwanda last year. The aim of the project is to connect African countries to satellite and fiber-optic networks in order to provide e-learning, e-education and telemedicine, among other initiatives. Several African countries are now worried that the project may fail due to the lack of a constant power supply in many African countries.