Angola Telecom Fixed Network Digital System Inaugurated


The Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, José Carvalho da Rocha, Thursday in Sumbe, central Kwanza Sul province, inaugurated the digital system of Angola Telecom fixed network that will connect the eight districts' headquarters of the region. 

He said the project will bring about much benefit to the population in general, and to students in particular, as broadband will be installed in public schools, helping them with research.  

The 18 million Euros project was funded by the Italian Government with Angola Telecom's participation. On the occasion, José da Rocha praised the state of relations between Angola and Italy, saying it has been crucial for the implementation of the project (started in 2005) aiming at improving the telecommunication network in the province. 

The project, it was said, will increase the number of telephone lines in the province from 2,000 to 10,000, connecting in its first phase the districts of Sumbe, Porto Amboim, Amboim, Conda, Cela, Seles, Kibala and Libolo.