National University of Rwanda (NUR) Staff Train in IT


Cisco, in partnership with the National University of Rwanda (NUR) regional academy, has awarded certificates to 24 university staff who completed training in computer hardware and software management. 

Speaking to The New Times after the ceremony in Huye District, Evode Mukama, the Director of Center for Instructional Technology (CIT), commended the trainees for successfully completing the course which lasted for a couple of months. He revealed that this is an ongoing programme to facilitate staff get basic skills in software management and maintenance. 

Addressing the participants, Mukama, explained that NUR regional academy plans to extend the program to more people. "We are committed to extend such knowledge across the institution, undoubtedly it will play a noticeable role in their daily work," has said. 

Gabriel Mugabe, a lecturer and networking academy instructor, said CISCO has made a positive impact at the university. "Before the university became self-sufficient to take over, we used to receive American instructors to fill the gap a lot has been achieved in IT training," Mugabe stated. 

Claude Kabanda, a staff librarian and one of the trainees, said the knowledge they acquired from the training will help them improve their work. "It was inconveniencing to get out of the office just to seek help for a minor glitch which could easily be fixed," he said.