New Technology finds Landmines in Angola Using Digital Photography

Digital Content

Luanda — A new Israeli technology that allows the location of anti-personnel and anti-tank landmines through digital photography of the land has been used in the demining process in Angola since June 2010. 

"We have developed cameras that placed in suspected areas with landmine can accurately indicate the location of where the mines either anti-personnel of anti-tank are, announced on Monday in Luanda the general director of the Israeli company Geomine LTD, Avi Buzaglo Yoresh. 

Speaking to Angop on the fringes of the first National Summit of Landmines Action which runs from Monday to Tuesday in the Conference Centre of Belas, the official said that his company works in Malanje and Lunda-Norte. 

The source said that through these pictures decrease the work of operators because the interventions are practical since the mines are located. 

This technology, he said, was completed in 2009 and is being used in Israel, Thailand and Azerbaijan and can inspect 100,000 kilometres per day using aircrafts and satellites. 

The works of the summit is chaired by the chairperson of CNIDAH, Santana André Pitra "Petroff".