Submarine Cable - Starcomms Signs Up With Main One

As part of its efforts to further enhance internet service from IZAP and 1X, Starcomms has subscribed to Main One undersea cable linking Nigeria and the whole of West Africa to Europe. The new development will pave the way for additional transformation in Internet access and reliable voice service from Starcomms. The company's subscription to the undersea cable built by Main One Cable Company in partnership with U.S. firm Tyco makes it the first CDMA operator to have access to the facility. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Starcomms, Maher Qubain, the subscription to Main One Cable would be a boost to Starcomms' current achievement in the area of fast, reliable and affordable internet services delivery as well as voice clarity across the country. Qubain stated that considering the potential of the undersea cable, a new window of opportunity has been opened for Starcomms to introduce enhanced services that will not only increase speed but add value to the life of its customers saying that with Starcomms connection to the cable, its customers can also expect more speedy downloads and unmatched voice call capacity. One of its new services is the Afritalk voice services, a non-intrusive and enhanced voice-chat service through which Starcomms customers can chat and make lots of friends across Nigeria. The fact that the mobile number of the person chatting is not revealed to other chat members has endeared it to a lot of customers too. Specifically too, the connection of Starcomms network to Main One Undersea Fibre Optic cable would have a remarkable positive impart on the recent introduction of interstandard international roaming on CDMA to GSM by Starcomms. What this means is that customers of Starcomms will enjoy more efficient and quality voice and data services on their Starcomms phones. The Main One Cable hook up by Starcomms is also expected to benefit parts of the country that are soon to enjoy the Starcomms super-fast broadband internet services, Izap as well as its Ix data services that covers everywhere it has network coverage, which extends to 22 states, 28 cities and 100 towns. Another of Starcomms value added services that customers are expected to benefit from in the Main One Cable services is the StarTrack, a location based service designed to assist Starcomms customers to know the specific whereabouts of their loved ones as well as make it possible for friends and lovers to track each other.