Nigeria: ITAN Signs MOU With ATCON on Information Sharing


There appears to be dawn of a new era in the Nigerian ICT sector as the Information Technology (Industry) Association of Nigeria, ITAN in collaboration with the Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) have formed an alliance to share information for the overall benefit of the industry and the Nigerian society.

Speaking recently in Lagos during the signing ceremony, ITAN President, Dr Jimson Olufuye told newsmen that the general goal of the alliancewas to forge a seamless focus as advocacy groups to influence critical government policies at all levels with regards to the ICT industry with minimal discordance.

Part of the objective of the alliance, according to Olufuye was to facilitate the need for governments to receive a common voice from advocates of the emerging ICT industry in Nigeria.

Improved industry base for the ICT industry, fast-tracked public articulation and effectiveness, accelerated development of the sector due to synergy and coordination of efforts towards one goal capable of leading to development and creation ofd of business for members, promotion of critical industry confidence desirous for accelerated attainment of MDGs and the vision 20-2020, according to Olufuye are the objectives of the alliance.

"What this MUO means is that each of the parties in the alliance will forward a copy of an input it has already made to government to the other parties for information only. The purpose is to enhance understanding and minimize discordance in the different input from which government base their decisions.

"That is saying the independence and the right of content of opinion on input to governance are retained for every party involved in the alliance is so agreeable. The alliance is limited to ITAN and ATCON at take off in order to allow for any other willing association to know the scope before opting to be part of it," he said.

Speaking on the scope and benefits of the alliance, the President of Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria, ATCON, Engr. Titi Omo-Etu said that the scope of the alliance is limited to each partner in the alliance sending a copy of any input it makes to any government on issues relating to the ICT industry development to send one copy to the other members of the alliance.

"That is, any of the partners in the alliance is free to make its inputs any where and to any government and does not need to consult any other association before doing so.. It will normally be expected that the spirit in which this alliance is forged requires that in certain circumstances the association may just compare notes before the inputs are made. It will not be anything untoward if any association does not do so," he added.