Computer News - In Brief


* Dar Es Salaam: Techno Brain Limited Tanzania, has won the 2010 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award from Africa region.

* Tanzania: Donors who want to access how their funds have been utilized have no need to go to the ministries headquarter as they can now access the information online. This will be possible following the establishment of a special database. It will contain data on donor funds, their flow and how they had been utilised. The overall objective of the database is to strengthen Government capacity to manage and coordinate development assistance effectively while at the same time it will enhance transparency and accountability by introducing broad access to a data repository on development assistance. The database also is expected to reduce duplication of effort and transaction costs associated with data collection and processing while he added that up to now a about 1200 projects have been entered into the AMP system with the help of the Development partners and the government who verified the data.