Online Gambling Banned in South Africa

Digital Content

According to the Gauteng Gambling Board which has fought a long-running battle with online casinos, it is now illegal to gamble using digital products inside South Africa. That's after a North Gauteng High Court judgement on the jurisdiction of online gambling transactions in the country which was handed down on August 20th by Judge NB Tuchten.

The effect of this decision means both Internet operators who offer online gambling to South African residents for gain, and a player or punter who takes part in online betting, are guilty of breaking the law.

Furthermore, the ruling also makes Internet service providers accountable for the services and targets band and financial institutions that process the winners' payments and betting transactions.

According to Gauteng Gambling Board head of legal services, Lucky Lukhwareni, online casinos are now up for prosecution. "That's why we approached the media to alert them of the judgement which makes online casino operations illegal, and if they continue we will have them arrested and fight for conviction."

Those entities that advertise or facilitate the advertisement of online gambling including radio and television stations, print media, and outdoor advertising agencies will also face the law. The Gauteng Gambling Board says it will pursue any person or organisation which contravene the gambling legislation.

Persons who are prosecuted and found guilty of breach or contravention of the gambling legislation could receive a fine of R10 million or ten years in jail or both.
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