BMTL Launches Electronic Devices for Efficiency Management

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Business Machines Tanzania Limited (BMTL) has launched three electronic devices which help to store data transactions in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday.

The Director of BMTL, Ramakrishnan Kirubakaran, said that the machines will help the customers and the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to monitor the transactions. "The machines will help in business efficiency management controls in areas of sales analysis and stock control system," he said.

The devices are Electronic Tax Register (ETR), Electronic Fiscal Printer (EFP) and Electronic Signature Device (ESD).The prices of the devices have ranged from 1,200 to 2,500 US dollars depending on the size of the machine.

Kirubakaran said that the devices have memory card which will enable all sensitive data like the totals of each tax category and total turn of each day are permanently stored. "The memory card is called Programmable, read only Memory (PROM) which is permanently fixed inside the devices," he said.

He added that each ETR has unique serial number securely written in the fiscal memory and assigned to the owner of the cash register when one buys. During the launching, the company also presented the machines to the first three clients of different companies in the world.

The clients were GNLD International, RSM Ashwir and Cotton Club. Countries in the world today have special laws hat make it obligatory for anyone who is selling goods or services to consumers to use cash registers that have special security which enable the authority to check in a reliable way the totals of tax that the retailer has to pay.

The BMTL Client and General Manager of GNLD International, Daniel Mutiso, said that the devices will help the customers to have trust with the sellers. "If the customers are given the receipts they will have trust with the company and even the sellers, and give credibility," he said.

He also urged customers to take the receipts because of the need to contribute to the government tax. BMTL has five branches in the country including Mwanza, Arusha, Mbeya, Iringa and Dar es Salaam.