Ugandan IT Aids Teachers, Health Workers Share Knowledge


The quality of education and health care in the African region is anticipated to improve following the inauguration of an online project at Makerere University last week. The project, known as the Pan-African e-network will mainly be implemented using the video conferencing technology.

"With this project we hope to get quality lectures since a lecturer can stand in India and deliver a lecture to students at Makerere University, " said Sam Kutesa, Uganda's Foreign Affairs minister who commissioning the facility in Kampala, recently.

The health sector will also benefit since a doctor in Mulago Hospital can carry out an operation with assistance from a doctor in India through video conferencing."

Speaking online from New Delhi, India external affairs minister Shri Krishna said the project will further improve relations between India, Uganda and other African countries. "This project will not only boost the education and health sectors but will strengthen India and her partners," said Krishna.

Under this project, the government of India is helping in setting up a fibre-optic network to provide satellite connectivity, tele-medicine and tele-education to all 53 countries in Africa. At least 47 countries have so far joined the project, including Uganda and Burundi.

Tele-medicine patient locations have already been set up in 11 Indian Super Specialty hospitals. These have been connected to 33 Patient-End hospitals in African countries.

Regular tele-medicine consultations have already started in some of the African countries and Uganda's Mulago Hospital will also benefit from this initiative where doctors can consult their peers elsewhere in Africa using video conferencing.

Another 34 tele-education teaching centres have also already been set up in Africa. The lcentres have been set up in three regional leading university centres in Africa. These include Makerere University, Uganda, Kwame and Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana, and Yaounde University, Cameroon.