Swaziland’s incumbent telco to cut call charges by half


It’s good news for locals making international calls as Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC) has announced a discount rate of up to 50%.

International calls made from landlines in Swaziland to cellphones either to South Africa, or any other country in the world will also be discounted same as international calls made from one landline to another.

The discount rates, which will range from 35% to 50% will come into effect from the 1st of July.

Managing Director E. Nathi Dlamini made this announcement yesterday during the world telecommunication and information day, where he delivered his keynote address on the significance of this day in a press conference.

Dlamini explained that call rates had been cut down to reduce the cost of burden on everyone, in the light of the global economic downturn. "We envisage that companies trading overseas and individuals with relatives overseas will benefit the most from this arrangement."

Previously, it cost E2.50 per unit to make a call to South Africa during off peak hours, whilst for on-peak calls it cost E1.50. With the new arrangement, it will cost E2.00 per unit to make calls to South Africa on peak hours, whilst the off-peak rate will be E1.20.

The managing director also announced that later in the year, SPTC will be introducing a different ring tone for all fixed line telephones. “We are going fixed-mobile and we are supremely confident of the future and honoured to be taking another huge leap, in the right direction.”

Dlamini was optimistic that with this innovation, job opportunities within SPTC and in the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) sector will be created. In this regard, he indicated that projections show that this initiative would also create big business opportunities which would in turn boost the Swazi economy.

The Swazi Observer