Nigeria Takes Control of Internet Domain Name


Nigeria has finally assumed management and control of the Internet domain name with change of severs to .ng and the approval of the board re-delegation of the Nigerian ccTLD on the IANA website by the global Internet regulation body ICANN/IANA.

The local management and control now resides with the Nigerian Internet Registration Asssociation (NIRA)

A statement by the president of the NIRA, Ndukwe Kalu said the change of management was effected exactly by 4 pm May 13, 2009 by Verisign who made the ICCAN approved root server changes to the .ng ccTLD.

Ndukwe said further that the task before NIRA is the full population of the .ng ccTLD, a task that is very daunting more so with the fact that all of the African ccTLDs put together cannot make the ccTLD Top 25.

"For us we have set our Vision 2020 as Vision 2011 that is for Nigeria to make the ccTLD top 20 by year 2011", and "this is not just for the sake of making the top 20 but to positively impact the Nigerian economy.

The .ng ccTLD journey started in 1995 with the first delegation to one Mrs Ibukun Odusote as the then admin contact. By 2004 with the intervention of the former president of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo the Nigerian Internet community represented by the G22 reached a consensus on a not for profit all inclusive body to manage the .ng ccTLD. With the formation and final election of the NIRA executive board in May 2007 the stage was then set for conclusion of the re-delegation process and fully localize the management of the ng ccTLD

Ndukwe said that having over come the challenges of putting in place the required structure and infrastructure that would sustain the .ng ccTLD, the .ng ccTLD would now be offering its domains in the ccTLD with the most robust technical infrastructure in Africa. The .ng ccTLD is the only ccTLD with multiple any cast name servers offering local resolutions of .ng domain in over 40 cities in five continents with a 100% uptime guarantee.

The Daily Independent