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Content Delivery Network Specialist
MWEB in Cape Town

The Optinet division in Cape Town currently has a vacancy for a Content Delivery Network Specialist, who, reporting to the General Manager: Networks, will be responsible to ensure that the performance and availability of the Optinet Content Delivery network infrastructures is maintained to the highest standard with maximum levels of productivity and efficiency. The position is responsible for the research, architecture, design and implementation of an international Content Delivery Network.

Qualifications and Experience:

- Minimum Cisco CCNP or equivalent qualification 
- Experience in the analysis of network service, product and protocol information to identify abuse and influential trends
- Experience with the various internet access technologies in South Africa, including dial, ADSL and wireless as well as expert knowledge with the following – Internet applications, Internet protocols, layers of the OSI model, hacking methodologies, network security and related bypass methods, network analysis tools, i.e. sniffers etc as well as network scripting tools such as Perl
- Network management and monitoring, including applications like MRTG, Netflow, Bigbrother and advanced scripting skills, preferably in Perl or related language 
- Evaluation and deployment of new technologies and solutions, based on customer requirements
- Strong ability to identify and analyze requirements and design / implement the best solution
- In depth knowledge of new trends in Internet abuse as well as in new trends in Internet applications and their underlying network protocol usage behaviour and some experience with basic database design & data extraction
- Working experience with Network management systems, including graphing, traffic analysis, monitoring and the SNMP protocol in general
- Expert knowledge of Content Delivery Networks, e.g. Akamai, Limelight and of network designs for distributed Content Delivery Networks 
- Advanced knowledge of Content Routers / Switches as well as of WCCP and load balancing technologies
- Understands content caching technology including inline and prepositioned caching (static, multimedia, flash scripting languages such as PERL, Expect or shell)

Job Outputs:

- Analyse international Content Delivery networks and Technologies and conduct market research to identify key vendors
- Define, establish and manage CDN architecture standards and identify and interpret internal Content Delivery requirements
- Evaluate and compare different Content delivery networks and technologies and recommend industry best practise
- Establish technical Content Network Delivery Strategy
- Design and architect network requirements for International Content Delivery Network and document Content Delivery Network
- Troubleshoot high-level problems and provide high level support for all network related CDN problems
- Analyse problem, research solutions, implement, test and manage (re) solutions
- Work in close collaboration with networks, system teams and other divisions
- Monitor and analyse network component of Content Delivery Network

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