Internet News - In Brief


- East African submarine fibre-optic cable system SEACOM has announced that it is entering the final stages of construction. According to the SEACOM website, the 15,000km, 1.28Tbps cable system is due to launch operations in early July this year.

- The Zambia Telecommunication Co.'s fiber-optic cable project is moving to connect six Southern African countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Botswana and Malawi in an attempt to develop communications in the region. Zambia's first fiber-optic cables are being laid by Chinese firm Huawei Technologies on more than 10 routes across the country to the borders with neighboring countries.

- The Director-General, Regional African Satellite Communications Organisation (RASCOM), Dr. Jones Kilimbe, has advocated for a closer collaboration between RASCOM and the Nigerian Communications Satellite (NIGCOMSAT) Ltd to create more interconnectivity in the Africa. He therefore calls on Nigeria to invest in the commercial arm of RASCOM as it was set to launch a replacement of its satellite in June next year with plans to launch more satellites as back-ups.

- The MTN Group is reportedly investing in the USD700 million European-Indian Gateway (EIG) cable system. The fibre-optic submarine system will provide a central linking point for other cable systems already being deployed around Africa, such as the East African submarine cable system (Eassy) and the West African cable system (WACS).

- From 21st and 22nd May Kigali will host an e-Tourism Seminar, to be attended by students and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operators.

- Madagascar's ousted president, Marc Ravalomanana, may be down but he is not out. Now, in his latest move, Ravalomanana has posted an address to the international community on a YouTube account called "Madagascar Presidency". Speaking in separate French and English clips, he "demands" that "the illegitimate coup regime step aside and make way for the return of the democratically-elected government" and calls on the world community to withhold diplomatic recognition and avoid business dealings with Rajoelina's government.

- As part of the Re-branding Nigeria Project, the Federal Ministry of Information and Communications (FMIC) recently launched a new website <> which will avail Nigerians and foreigners timely and important information about the people and government of Nigeria.

- Mozambique Airlines (LAM) on Thursday launched its Direct Internet Sales, whereby passengers can make reservations and buy and receive LAM tickets on the Internet.

- Ghana will soon introduce a Cyber Security Bill to check the growing menace of cyber crimes occurring in the country, said the Minister of Communication, Mr. Haruna Iddrisu.

- South African companies are going to have to realise that Internet search giant Google will no longer protect their trademarks, and their competitors or others may bid for their brands, says Clicks2Customers director Jonathan Gluckman. An e-mail sent by Google's UK office to clients and advertising agencies says that from 4 June, it will no longer monitor or restrict keywords for adverts served to users in 80 countries, including SA. This will bring those countries in line with Google's current policy in operation in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland.