Internet News - In Brief


* MTN has followed in the footsteps of Cell C to boost the coverage of their mobile broadband offerings Bloomberg last week announced that MTN will use some of its 900 megahertz spectrum for 3G services.  The lower frequency, MTN typically uses 2100 MHz for its 3G network in South Africa, makes wider coverage possible using less sites.The use of 900 MHz for 3G is however nothing new for MTN.  Earlier this year MTN Ghana announced that it had concluded successful trials of the first 900 MHz UMTS network in Africa.MTN worked with Ericsson on their 900 MHz 3G network in Ghana, and found that the lower frequency means that they can create country-wide mobile broadband coverage far more cost effectively.

* Cell C today unveiled its 4Gs network in Bloemfontein, the second of 10 South African cities expected to get connected to the high-speed HSPA+ network.
* Zimbabwe ISP ZOL launched a new magazine last week on the sidelines of the ICT Africa 2010. The magazine is run online as a blog at and also has a free offline paper magazine to be issued six times a year.