Voix Networks, First Bank Deploy Point of Sale Terminals in Nigeria

Nigeria-based ICT firm Voix Networks Limited has partnered with First Bank to introduce reliable Point of Sale (POS) terminals in Nigeria. The partnership will enable First Bank to deploy its POS terminal over Voix Networks' extensive fixed-line infrastructure in commercial premises such as markets, shopping malls and hotels. The deal marks Nigeria's move to offer a reliable infrastructure to facilitate e-commerce in an environment where millions of dollars circulate in the economy on a daily basis. Nigeria's robust mobile telecommunications market has put the development of a reliable fixed-line broadband network in the back burner. The lack of such a network means services such as POS terminals for credit card transaction are inadequate and outdated. POS have revolutionized payment collection for merchants and purchasing for customers in many parts of the world. However, to operate effectively they require a stable fixed-line network. Voix Networks took advantage of the existing gap to deploy a much needed fixed-line broadband infrastructure that can provide stable, high speed, high quality and low cost connectivity. 'The world economy, given technological advancements, is fast becoming one global market. Nigeria, the economic nerve centre of the Africa continent, cannot afford to lag behind,' says Emeka Onyeama, managing director of Voix Networks. Voix Networks has also successfully launched high speed internet to homes and offices via ADSL modems that deliver voice and data on a single transmission cable. 'We are the first company in Nigeria to deploy an extensive broadband via DSLAMS/ADSL and are seriously marketing the services,' says Onyeama. The company is currently looking for financial partners and investors to maximize its strategic advantage and aims to raise up to $50-million to support client take-up on its current network and to begin the 2nd and 3rd stages of network deployment to extend its coverage nationwide. 'This expansion will require substantial investment in fibre optic and copper cable in addition to more multiplexers to convert to last mile copper. There will also be substantial investment in more dslAM/Adsl modem units that drive internet connectivity over the fibre and copper. Furthermore, procurement of additional bandwidth to cover for the growing subscriber base is essential,' says Onyeama.