Paperless Clearance At The Port of Mombasa

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Customers will soon be able to clear their goods at the port of Mombasa without using a single piece of paper. In an apparent move to put a stranglehold on middlemen and fight corruption at the port, the Cabinet Wednesday approved the total automation of the port.
The National Single Window System at the Kenya Ports Authority, the computerised system that will transform the port into a paperless operation, is the latest in a series of moves to reduce corruption at the KPA and improve efficiency.
Other measures that have been undertaken by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) include computerising the movement of cargo around the port and requiring clearing and forwarding agencies to get passwords to log into the KRA system to import and clear goods.
Past reforms have tended to attract resistance from some groups. KRA said the system was aimed at stopping groups that have previously benefitted from a chaotic system at the port by evading tax.
The new computer system will be owned by the government and will allow the submission and receipting of all trade and related documents. Automation of the port is among the decisions taken by the Cabinet, chaired by President Kibaki at State House Nairobi on Wednesday.