21-22 September 2010, Nairobi, Kenya
The most comprehensive African wholesale telecoms conference bringing together local and regional fixed-line and mobile operators from across the continent
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*Unix System Administration Workshop For Eastern and Central Africa Women Engineers,

11th - 15th  October, 2010 Nairobi, Kenya

The African Network Operators Group (AfNOG ‚ ) invites women engineers from Eastern and Central Africa to participate in an intensive Unix System Administration workshop.

Workshop goals and outline
Overall objective: After attending this track, students will be able to install, upgrade, secure and competently manage the Unix operating system on standard PC hardware, and use it to provide essential Internet services on a network. It is aimed at students who are technically competent but may have had little or no prior exposure to the Unix environment.

In addition they will be taught concepts such as:
#  Basic Internet Protocols and how they work
# Some basic Internet services and how they function, including DNS, Web, SSH and E-mail
# Designing installations for long-term scalability of services

Who should apply:
All Eastern and Central African women engineers, software developers and systems administrators with a desire to get Unix Administration skills.  Due to funding availability, priority will be given to applicants from the following countries:
Tanzania,  Kenya,  Uganda,  Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Gabon, Chad, Republic of the Congo, DR Congo and São Tomé and Príncipe

Experience in managing PCs and installing software (such as installing the 'Windows' operating system), but not necessarily Unix. Some prior Unix/Linux experience would be of great benefit.

Language of instruction will be English.

Application procedure
Complete the application form attached and return it to: 
Please ensure that you submit your application in time and fully completed. Selections will be on a competitive basis. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Application deadline
The applications close on 30th August 2010. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

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8-9 November 2010, Cape Town, South Africa
Google is inviting Computer Science students, developers and entrepreneurs to G-South 
Africa, which will take place on November 8th and 9th in Cape Town. Some of 
Google’s best engineers, product managers, business managers and leadership will 
be speaking about Google’s open web and mobile technologies.

Day 1

Focus on using Google developer tools to push the boundaries of web 
applications. Google engineers and web development leaders will guide you 
through a full day of in-depth sessions, including hands-on code labs dedicated 
to cutting edge web and mobile technologies. 

Day 2

Chock-full of Google product demonstrations aimed at tech 
entrepreneurs and marketers. Our goal is to help spur innovation and business 
growth in South Africa and across the region. We want to inspire business to 
make the most of the web and mobile space!

“South Africa has an array of promising start-up as well as 
front-running developers who are organizing Android hackathons, leading search 
engine marketing companies, creating asset-tracking systems with maps, and 
taking advantage of open source web tools,” said Bridgette 
Sexton, Program Manager, Tech Outreach, Google Africa. 

Want to address the challenges and opportunities facing Africa: the exponential 
rise of mobile, the demand for local content, the lack of a ubiquitous form of 
payment, the constraints of bandwidth, the desire to export technology, and the 
will to innovate locally.  Our Google Africa team strongly believes that 
the solutions to these issues will be solved by the tech communities in Africa. 
Google’s G-Africa initiative is aimed at putting the tools to solve local and 
global needs into the right hands,” added Sexton. 

more information and to register, check out the 
Africa website.

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