Malawi: MACRA revokes G-Mobile Licence


The Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) on Monday, 20 September 2010 announced that it has revoked the operation licence it gave to Global Advanced Integrated Networks (G-Mobile) after its failure to beat several deadlines set for the company to roll out.

MACRA PR Officer Zadziko Mankhambo said the company has been given a number of deadlines which they failed to meet including one set for 20 September 2010. "When we noted that there is nothing in terms of operation we had no choice but to revoke the licence because we have the mandate according to the powers vested on us," he said.

G-Mobile is however adamant that they do not recognise this revocation, describing MACRA's action as "jumping the gun" and they are going ahead unperturbed setting up their equipment on the ground.

"Our immediate response is that as far as we are concerned we are still moving ahead with the project. There were issues we contended with, in the way regulatory body handled our case and we took the matter to court and there is an injunction [stopping MACRA from doing anything]; at the moment this issue is in the hands of the court," said G-Mobile director of administration, Harrod Muyaba.

He said the fact that there have been a number of extensions means that there was some progress in the way G-mobile was carrying out their roll-out programme and it is surprising that MACRA has decided to take action over a matter that is in court.