Mozambique: Vodacom Cuts Internet Prices


Vodacom Mozambique, the local subsidiary of the South African company Vodacom, on Thursday announced reductions, in some cases of over 80 per cent, in its charges for data transmission. According to Vodacom, this will give it the cheapest rates for accessing the Internet via mobile phones that are currently available on the Mozambican market.

Addressing a Maputo press conference, the Vodacom-Mozambique chairperson, Salimo Abdulla, said that the company "is investing in more and better technologies for our clients. We want all Mozambicans to have access to these technologies".

Outlining the changes, the company's Chief Executive Officer, Jose dos Santos, said that for Vodacom subscribers on contracts, an internet package which used to cost 9,999 meticais (277 US dollars at current exchange rates) and allowed the subscriber 11,264 megabytes a month, has now been slashed to 2,400 meticais.

The cheapest package available before this month cost 1,250 meticais and provided internet surfing of 500 megabytes, That has now been replaced by a package costing 899 meticais, giving the subscriber slightly more than one gigabyte (1,024 megabytes).

In all cases for those on contracts, if they exceed their limits, each extra megabyte costs 0.474 meticais, a reduction of over 86 per cent, compared with the previous price of 3.49 meticais per megabyte.

Vodacom also says that its clients can combine any ordinary phone (voice) contract with an internet package for whatever period of time they like.

For the first time, people who use pre-paid Vodacom cards can now access the Internet from their mobile phones. Here the cheapest package is just 49 meticais, giving the subscribe 125 megabytes - but the validity of this package is limited to just one day.

At the other end of the scale, a user of pre-paid cards who buys 2,400 meticais worth will, like the subscribers on contract, be entitled to 11,264 megabytes during a month.