Zimbabwe: Mobile Computer School on wheels


Local ICT firm Nhava Global will in October launch a mobile computer training school targeting remote areas. The Institute for Capacity Development in Africa aims to bridge the gap in the digital world between rural and urban populations. The rollout is a result of consultations and partnership between Nhava's global products and services wing, Venum Inc, and Gainful Information Security.

Nhava Global Asset Management vice president Mr Morgan Mutsau said the institute would deliver direct demand-driven skills training in rural areas to boost ICT literacy levels. "The technological aspects are already in place and the bridging of the digital divide we start next month," he said.

He said the ICDA's Venum Poison - and under its Venum School of Applied technology, would complement Government's computer literacy programmes in schools. "Venum Poison targets teachers who teach computers, mainly in rural areas, and seeks to strengthen the efforts and facilities already in place.

"The programme will keep teachers abreast of new developments in ICT, hands-on skills and effective data streaming to pupils," Mutsau said. He added developing countries were lagging behind in terms of access to ICTs when compared to the First World.

Hardest hit, he noted, where rural populace. Mutsau said electricity remained the biggest challenge but was optimistic the rural electrification programme would progress far enough to make their institute nationally relevant. Nhava Global also has a package that enables civil servants based outside Harare to purchase a computer of their choice on a lay-by payment plan.

The project was established in April this year and has benefited more than 650 civil servants. "We are cognisant of the salary differences existing between the civil service and the private sector. "This has further contributed to the digital gap in the population and therefore this is another initiative that seeks to bridge the gap," he said.

Under the African Civil Info Pack, those on the Salary Services Bureau payroll can own a laptop by renting-to-buy. The facility has zero percent interest and is accessible through Kingston's branches. The lowest priced laptop is US$450 requiring an initial deposit of US$100 and monthly deductions of US$35.40.