Liberia: LTA Gives WAT a 15-year WiMAX licence


The Liberia Telecommunications Authority has granted a 15-year license to the West Africa Telecommunications Incorporated (WAT) to install, maintain and operate a public telecommunications network for the purposes of providing wireless voice and data services using Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) technology.

WAT is the second company to be granted a WiMAX license in Liberia since the standardization of the industry, according to the LTA. The company will deploy a national WiMAX network to provide voice and internet services as well as second and third generation data services. According to the license agreement, WAT will build transmission links to carry fixed wireless and related data traffic within the national boundaries of Liberia.

The company is also authorized to connect the system and network to any telecommunications system and apparatus belonging to service providers for the purpose of interconnection, an LTA release noted. Speaking at the signing ceremony recently, the Chairperson of the LTA, Angelique Weeks, said the ceremony marks the beginning of a new opportunity for constructive engagement in the expansion of the telecommunications sector in Liberia.

She thanked the management team at WAT for the confidence in the investment climate and challenged them to remain creative and innovative in attracting customers through effective customer service. She said one of the LTA key priorities is customer delight, noting that the LTA will ensure that the interests of subscribers are protected.
(Source: The Informer)