Uganda Achieves 80 Percent Tax Collections Online

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About 80% of Uganda's domestic tax collections is currently collected electronically, Ms Allen Kagina, Uganda Revenue Authority's (URA) Commissioner General has said.

She was speaking at the Sixth URA Appreciation Awards in Kampala last week. The function also marked the official launch of the e-TAX system and the unveiling of the e-TAX web portal.

The e-TAX became operational in June 2009. "After successfully testing and piloting the system, we are ready to launch e-Tax and commence full scale operations," said Kagina. "Electronic registration, filing and payment have been enabled across the country, although it is currently mandatory in three tax offices which account for 80% of domestic tax revenue," Kagina noted.

Prior to the implementation of e-filing and e-payment, the filing process took two days but now it takes 10minutes.

The process of payment took one day but now takes 15 minutes, including paying at the banks, banks communicating to URA and clients' account in e-TAX getting updated.

So far, eleven banks have linked to the e-TAX system. "We have transformed the customer experience so that tax payers are able to serve themselves; be it while registering, filing or payment," said Kagina.

Meanwhile, the Taxpayer Appreciation Awards ceremony saw compliant companies scoop awards in various categories. The awards recognise exemplary clients and stakeholders in the business of tax administration and revenue collection every year.

The categories include the Commissioner General's Award which is given to those who have had a significant impact on the success of URA operations as well as that of its clients over the year 2009/10, URA Vantage Award which recognizes taxpayers' improvement in voluntary tax compliance and related obligations.

The winners are selected from the Small and Medium Taxpayer's bracket from four regions in Uganda. The central region had four winners to cater for the four Tax Districts in Kampala.