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Request for Proposal (RFP) for International Gateway Management –Liberia

The Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) has created a stable and predictable regulatory environment and, as a result, Liberia now has a vibrant telecommunications sector that is engendering one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the ECOWAS region. The sector includes four GSM mobile operators (Cellcom, Comium, LiberCell, and Lonestar) and two CDMA operators, Libtelco, the national operator, and West Africa Telecom (WAT). All operators are licensed to own and operate their own international gateways.
The liberalization of international gateway licensing has increased the complexity of monitoring numerous international gateways, which are valuable resources that can generate much needed revenues for government. International gateway management is normally a service provided by the Regulatory Authority through the provision of statistical information on international incoming and outgoing minutes of traffic and the monitoring of the international gateway climate in the country. Due to its present lack of technical capacity to implement this responsibility, the LTA is seeking  roposals from reputable international gateway management companies that have the experience and technical capability.

The objectives of international gateway management as envisioned by the LTA are to
accomplish the following:
• Identify and recoup any lost revenues due the Liberian Government through proper
international gateway management and implementation of fraud control, ccountability
and transparency measures;
• Ensure improved quality of international calls to and from mobile and fixed etworks
that will meet needs and expectations of consumers;
• Increase the capacity of international traffic to allow for more inbound and outbound
calls and consequently increase revenues to government; and,
• Provide better security to both the state and the telecommunications sector by   identifying and facilitate efforts to shut down all illegal international gateways.

All proposals submitted should include methods for dealing with the following:
• Identifying illegal and unlicensed international gateway operators;
• Evaluating the service efficiency of each international gateway in operation;
• Assessing the quality of service provided by each international gateway in operation;

• Determining the national level of gateway quality of service from the collective operation of all international gateways.
• Recording and profiling all incoming and outgoing international calls;
• Compiling an independent database of local and international interconnection calls;
• Reporting international gateway capacity usage per operator with key performance
indicators of each international gateway;
• Reporting local and international interconnection capacity usage per operator with key performance indicators of all interconnects nationally;
• Training LTA staff to build capacity in all related areas of operation (viz gateway
management); and,
• Transfer of gateway management equipment to the LTA at the end of contract period.
• Provide financing options that can be considered to cover the cost of this project
including, but not limited to, grants and revenue percentage sharing.

All proposals must be delivered to the address below by 16:00 hrs (GMT) on October 31, 2010. This RFP is also available on the LTA website:

Core Network Implementation Manager – East Africa

New Vibrations is currently looking for an experienced Core Network Implmentation Manager with competence in Ericsson Core Networks for a 3 month contract with option to extend with following skills sets:
•Organize and coordinate the installation, verification and acceptance with the Project Manager, Customer and Authorized Service Provider.
•Handle questions and problems from Installation, Authorized Service Provider and Customer.
•Handle site work orders and compensation issues when there are deviations from the work order.
•Contribute in evaluating and selecting Authorized Service Provider regarding competence, assisted by predefined guidelines and instructions.
•Contribute in tender phase regarding installation related issues.
•Introduce new products and methods.
•Assure that the customer approves and accept the Installation work. If any outstanding items, follow up the progress.
•Plan and follow up quality audit.

Please forward CV to