Cape Verde’s ANAC tenders three 3G licences and one 2G licence


As previewed in issue 514, Cape Verde’s regulator Agência Nacional das Comunicações (ANAC) is tendering the right to use frequency for three 3G operationsand for one 2G operation: all licences are national. The likely outcome will be that the two existing mobile operators will get a 3G licence and one new entrant (possibly Digicel) will enter the market. The three 3G licences will use 2x15MHz of paired spectrum in the bands 1920-1980MHz / 2110-2170 MHz and 5 MHz of unpaired spectrum in the 1900-1920 MHz band, for each one of the rights of frequency, and the allocation of one nationwide right of frequency use in the range reserved for GSM. The right of frequency use is ruled by the provisions of Legislative Decree n. º 7/2005 published on November 28; the Tender Regulation published in Series II of Official Gazette of the Republic n.º 28 of 14 July 2010; by the Tender Specifications (ToR) as well as other applicable legislation to the communications sector. Those wanting to apply for the full tender papers should write to: ANAC, MITT Building, Ponta Belém, PO Box 892, Praia, Cape Verde. Or the Specifications (ToR) may be purchased during all working days from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm in the ANAC Front Office, by paying the amount of CVE 200.000 (two hundred thousand Cape Verdean escudos) per copy. The deadline for submission of proposals is at 4:00 pm on December 7, 2010. For more information access the ANAC web site: