5,000 VSAT Nodes to Be Deployed by Galaxy Backbone in Nigeria


At least 5,000 VSAT nodes of the National Information Communication and Education Programme (NICEP) network would be deployed to different parts of this country by Galaxy Backbone Plc before the end of the year.

The Managing Director of Galaxy Backbone Plc, Gerald Ilukwe said this at a meeting with House of Representatives Committee on Governmental Affairs saying that meeting the timeline is dependent on the security and readiness of sites.

Ilukwe in his response informed the Committee that a state of the art Network Operating Centre located in Abuja which could be described as the heart of the project and that 70% of the network was completed and handed over to Galaxy.

According to his explanations, "the delay in connecting more sites was due to security issues as it would be irresponsible of the company to deploy such equipment to locations that are unsecure. Another reason is the fact that there are not enough sites that are ready for connectivity and this is Galaxy’s responsibility".

Although, the Committee disagreed with Galaxy's position, Ilukwe insisted that due process was complied with in the payments to the contractor as the necessary evaluations, due process certifications and relevant authorizations were obtained from the relevant Government institutions.

Daily Trust