Mobile advertising sees strong growth in Kenya and Libya

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According to BuzzCity Q3-2010 report, more than 15 billion banners were delivered across the entire network. This represents a Q-on-Q increase of 17% with the top 20 countries delivering 80% of all banners served.

Although the report documents only the growth of mobile Internet advertising across the BuzzCity network, it is nevertheless indicative of the demand for mobile Internet advertising.

Indonesia, India, United States and South Africa all continued their dominance among the top five and were also joined by Kenya which displaced Vietnam.

South African traffic grew in excess of 700 million impressions as surfers continue to take advantage of reduced data and mobile Internet access rates – a growth of 18%.

In 5th place is Kenya (506 million impressions) with a massive 116% growth in the third quarter. This is the second quarter of triple digit growth for Kenya; probably a direct result of the price war between Zain (recently acquired by Bharti-Airtel) and Safaricom.

In 7th place is Libya as traffic saw 158% growth and more than 255 million ads were served.
Nigeria fell to 17th place as traffic dropped by 27% to 111 million per month. Egypt fell to 19th place as traffic declined by 39%

During this reporting quarter, mobile Internet usage gained more depth as total of 54 markets (previously 44) each delivered monthly traffic exceeding 10 million impressions per month.

To download BuzzCity’s report, click on the following link