Computer News - In Brief


- Ethiopia’s college of Engineering and Technology is striving to put in place a laboratory infrastructure for nurturing competent and qualified students. The College is currently providing degree and diploma courses to a total of 2,500 students.

- Two Nigerian students, Master Davidson Oseremen, 12, and Miss Oluwaseun Alade, 13, have emerged Africa 's youngest ever Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) in the area of Client End Operating system of the Microsoft business solution tool.

- The 2008-2009 Davos World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report ranks Tunisia first in the Maghreb and in Africa for the third consecutive year. In Africa, Tunisia comes well before Morocco (86), Egypt (76) and South Africa (52).

- A special Harare City full council meeting convened to specifically discuss the city's computerisation programme, recommended that council should pay outstanding licence fees and money for work already completed amounting to 1.1 million South African rand.

- Nigeria’s Senate urged relevant agencies of the Federal Government to urgently take step to regulate the influx of obsolete e-products that are hazardous to health and environment.

- The main outlines of the "e-Algeria 2013" project were presented in Algiers by Hamid Bessalah, Minister of Postal Services and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) at a workshop on the e-governance. Bessalah pointed out that "e-Algeria 2013" strategy represents a developed multisectoral plan that defines the targeted objectives and the required actions for the next five years. Nearly a thousand of actions have been proposed as part of the strategy, including 400 online services meant for citizens, enterprises and administrations, the minister said, while emphasizing the need to mobilize national competences and researchers in ICTs and make them involved in the decision-making and the drawing up of the "e-Algeria 2013" strategy.