Zain Nigeria Boosts SMEs With Mybusiness


In the drive to combat falling ARPUs, mobile operators are now targeting packages at SMEs. Zain Nigeria has launched Mybusiness, a new package that is specially designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the country.

The new value adding offering recently introduced into the market in Lagos by Zain, is expected to help business owners irrespective of their location within Nigeria take full control of the cost of phone calls by their company while also giving them the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of value added services.

The Zain Mybusiness package is offered to businesses identified as SMEs with staff strength of between 1-50 employees. The package is sold with two lines (master line and associate line) and pre-provisioned on the service class with enough credit included to cover the first month minimum commitment fee of all the lines.

Additional lines can be added to the group if required. The master line or business owner's name can have as many as 49 associate lines attached to it while minimum number of lines in a group is two.