80 Percent of Rwanda's Fibre Optic Cable Laid


The Rwanda government optic fibre cable has been linked to the Indian Ocean submarine cables via Uganda , through Kenya and Tanzania , government officials announced last week.

By Press time, about 80% of the 2500 km long fibre optic cable ring had been laid, John Gara, CEO , Rwanda Development Board revealed. The cable, that landed at Gatuna , Rwanda - Uganda border and Rusomo , Tanzania -Rwanda border is part of government's strategy to buffer the country incase of any link shocks.

The government does not want a repeat of the effects of the July twin bomb blasts that hit Kampala damaging fibre optic cables. Rwanda suffered shortage of bandwidth supply when the fibre optic cable in Kampala was damaged forcing Internet service providers to hire satellite bandwidth to beef up supply.

When completed, Rwanda will have a huge broadband density compared to other East African countries. This means Rwandans will enjoy faster and cheaper telecom services. "With a backbone cable around the country, there is going to be a substantive decrease in telecom services, costs to between 40- 50 %," officials at RDB estimate.

The Rwanda cable will connect over 230 institutions in all 30 districts and all the 9 Rwandan borders with the main cities. Gara earlier told the press, "Already 50 public institutions are connected and using fibre optic. While 300 people in Kigali are testing the Kigali Wireless Broadband (Wibro)", adding, "Construction has currently reached all Rwandan borders."