Ecoband is the first ISP in Ghana on Main One


Ecoband activated an STM-1 service on the new Main One submarine fibre optic cable connecting Nigeria and Ghana with the Internet backbone in Europe. This makes Ecoband the first ISP and data network operator in Ghana to benefit from the new state of the art technology deployed by the Main One Cable Company connecting Ghana with under 100ms RTT delay to Europe.

Main One Cable provides an Interconnection Facility at both the Cable Landing Stations  in Lekki, Nigeria or Teshie Nungua, Ghana as well as a POP in Saka Tinubu, Victoria Island, Lagos – which is centrally located and linked to the Cable Landing Stations via a resilient and protected fibre network. This enables our customers interconnect their networks to the Main One cable system at the physical layer with no obligations to Main One for network services. In addition, in Ghana, Main One's network is interconnected to the NCBC fibre network to provide wider reach to our customers.

The first phase of the Main One Cable System is now live. Phase 1 of the Main One Cable System is a 7,000km submarine cable with landing points in Nigeria, Ghana and Portugal. The Cable delivers high speed bandwidth of 1.92 terrabits per second. The POPs are centrally located to enable ease of connection via the use of full circuit solutions to Tele house, London UK for onward transmission to over 120 cities around the world.

Several possibilities still exist with the Phase 1 on the project as branching units in Morocco, Canary Islands, Senegal and Ivory Coast have been made optional to cater to the expected surge in capacity demand.

Phase 2 of the Main One Cable System is the extension of the cable from Nigeria down to South Africa with landings in Cameroon, Gabon, DRC and Angola. In addition, branching units in Morocco, Canary Islands, Senegal and Ivory Coast will completed by 2011. This phase is scheduled to commence YE 2010 and is expected to be in service by YE 2011. Project deliverables are on schedule and will begin as planned.