Third Mobile Phone Licence Awarded in Mozambique


Mozambique's telecommunications regulatory body, the INCM (National Communications Institute of Mozambique), has awarded the country's third mobile phone licence to Movitel, a consortium between the Vietnamese company Vietel, and SPI, the holding company of Mozambique's ruling Frelimo Party.

The tender documents were acquired by 22 companies - but financial bids were only considered by those whose technical bids received a minimum classification of 75. That eliminated all but three of the bidders.

Movitel's technical proposal scored 95.05 points, followed by the Portuguese company TMN, with 77.8 points and the consortium UNI-Telecomunicacoes with 76.78 points. The latter is an alliance between the Mozambican group INSITEC, and the Angolan company Unitel, headed by Isabel dos Santos, daughter of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Unitel offered most money for the licence - 32 million US dollars. Movitel's financial bid was 28.2 million dollars, and TMN's was 25 million dollars, the bare minimum stipulated by the government.

Announcing the result on Monday, INCM chairperson Isidoro da Silva, said that, when the technical and financial components were added, Movitel scored 96.437, Uni-Telecomunicacoes 86.547 and TMN 80.764.