Incredible Connection South Africa enters into the broadband business


Incredible Connection, SA’s largest IT retailer, has stepped into the broadband business. It’s offering consumers who buy a laptop or desktop computer in its stores up to 65GB of “free” fixed-line bandwidth.

The retailer has launched the offer, which it’s calling Incredible Connect, in partnership with white-label Internet service provider Branded Internet, which already works with retailers like Musica.

The move is aimed clearly at driving up PC sales in Incredible Connection stores. The retailer is a subsidiary of the listed JD Group.

Consumers who buy a PC worth less than R6 000 will get 39GB of data to use on Telkom’s broadband digital subscriber lines. The offer excludes all line rentals.

Consumers who buy a computer for less than R10 000 get 52GB of data, while those spending more than that get 65GB, says Incredible Connection CEO Dave Miller.

Those who switch their line subscription get the equivalent of a further 13GB of data added to the voucher.

The bandwidth is not throttled. International connectivity is offered via both the Seacom and Sat-3 cables, says Branded Internet CEO Lance Terner.

There is one catch, though: consumers have to tell Incredible Connection how they’d like the data allocated — they can choose to use it in chunks for a period of anywhere between two months and 12 months. The data is then allocated evenly over the number of months they have chosen. Also, once they’ve made their decision, they may not change it.

Top-up data costs R28/GB for consumers who switch their broadband line rental payments to Incredible Connect. For those who choose to keep their line rental with Telkom, the rate is R39/GB.