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- African ICT Ministers, regulators and operating company executives are expected to use ICTs to fight the global recession and to renew their commitments to more effective governance through better and faster deployment of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in their respective countries when they meet in Kigali, Rwanda, next week for their annual African e-Governance conference. They will be joined by a number of executives from ICT manufacturing companies, infrastructure and technology providers, as well as from international donor agencies, academics, consultants, non-governmental organisations and other key stakeholders to discuss e-governance best practices. The 3rd annual e-Governance Forum 2009 organised by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO), and hosted by the Rwandan Ministry in charge of Science and Technology at the Office of the President, is scheduled to take place in Kigali, Rwanda from Tuesday 24th March through to Thursday 26th March at the Kigali Serena Hotel.