Habari Internet Now 80 Percent on Undersea Fibre Cable


Habari Node limited, formally known as Arusha Node Marie, the leading Internet Services Provider in Arusha, have announced that 80% of their Internet traffic goes through the undersea fiber optic cables via Dar es Salaam.

The company's Managing Director, Erik Rowberg told the Arusha Times last week changes began in May, 2010 when it started channeling 30% of its traffic through Seacom fiber optic cable and then gradually increased each month.
He said: "we currently have two fiber optic links and still maintain our very reliable satellite link. We balance our load amongst the links and therefore each link serves as a redundant link to the other. In the event one link is down, others take over immediately."

Rowberg also commented on the improvements done to Habari network in a bid to improve Quality of Service, reach more clients and meet bandwidth demands. He said, Habari is undertaking a project to upgrade its main network infrastructures to different parts of Arusha to fiber optic. He mentioned some parts in town center and Themi Hill/Njiro are already on fiber and that the project is intended to cover most areas within a radius of about 7 Km's from its offices located at Arusha International Conference Center.

Speaking on how clients have benefited so far with the changes, Mr Rowberg noted "During 2010, we increased the minimum bandwidth limits for all Service Levels by 100% to 150% and furthermore increased maximum volume limits for HabariPlus (a value added service that allows users to exceed their standard speed limits) by 150%. We expect to raise the levels again during November. Dedicated bandwidth is also now readily available and at very affordable prices."

Habari can now serve clients in Dar es Salaam through partners and is also actively looking at ways to extend its coverage to neighboring regions.