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- A leading Tunisian ICT engineering and consulting group, "Telnet", has become the exclusive maker of a robotic systems for a US energy company based in Houston (Texas), the official Tunisian press agency, TAP reported on Monday without specifying the US company's name. After telecommunications, multimedia, industry, e-banking, smart cards, cars , security, defense, avionics and information systems, Telnet is embarking in a new very strategic field, namely robotics, writes TAP. The robotics branch, created under the new partnership with the US company, is part of Telnet's innovation program based on the development of the group's technological capacities. Recently, the group closed an agreement (Linklab) with the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in France.Linklab is a common R&D platform which aims at launching joint ventures in the fields of ICTs and new energy technologies.Created in 1994, Telnet employs 500 employees including 400 engineers.

- Koenig solution, one of India's IT training and certification companies is set to open up a training centre in Rwanda in order to tap on the country's growing ICT market.
Almost 200 Rwandans have benefited from the company's programmes. Offshore Training at Koenig enables a paradigm shift in cost of IT training and certification for example the most popular IT certification, MCSE, costs -5,000 in Europe against -500 in India. Adding flight (-800) and accommodation (-700 for 14 days) the total cost is only -2,000 using offshore training.Koenig won the Microsoft Worldwide Partner award in 2008 and 2009 and it combines tourism with education with centers in Goa and the Himalayas in India.

- Tunis — With a view to informing the public on the calendar of fairs and exhibitions, as well as major international events, "Promonet" company has recently launched its new website specializing in covering Tunisian and international trade fairs activities.The website offers relevant and up-to-date information on shows and exhibitions to be held in Tunisia and is the first Tunisian website dedicated to disseminating information to industry sector professionals as well as Tunisian and foreign media. Since its launch, on November 7, 2010, the number of subscribers has reached 1500.