Promoters of Christian Communities Eye New Online Opportunities


Promoters of Small Christian Communities (SCCs) within the wider Catholic teaching efforts plan to use the new online resources in promoting evangelization.

"This is one of our new insights and we intend to make use of it fully in accordance with Pope Benedict XVI's advice that that Church should make use of the New Media for evangelization," says Fr. Joseph Healey, one of the promoters of online opportunities in promoting SCCs globally.

"The New Media enhance the pastoral work of the Church," adds Healey, a Maryknoll Missionary priest who has served the Catholic Church in Africa, mainly Kenya, Uganda and Tanzanian in the last 42 years. The SCCs team behind the new plan hopes to establish online or Virtual SCCs globally, points out the American Catholic priest.

"First a person goes to the Online Small Christian Communities Facebook Page

This is a Central Page from where one can decide to join an Online Small Christian Community. Just click on the 'Join New Group' Tab to join the newest online SCC." This is also called the Landing Page or Portal, he explains.

"After the Administrator approves your request, you will join an Online SCC of 15 members only to allow for maximum small group participation and interaction.

These are Closed Facebook Groups, that is, only the approved 15 members have online access to the specific website address," adds Rev. Healey.

This "virtual" system will contribute to sharing ideas and experiences in the furthering of SCCs within the faith life of the people through the use of these new media resources online, he explained.

Already three SCCs have already been established worldwide namely: St Martin de Porres Online SCC, St Augustine Online SCC and St Monica Online SCC.

So far, there are members from Brazil, England, Germany, Kenya, USA and Zambia. He added that this new "catch" is part of the wider programme of the SCCs under the banner: Small Christian Communities Global Collaborative Website