Egypt cable outage hits some Seacom customers


A fault on a cable operated by one of Seacom’s transmission partners means some of South African Internet service providers who buy international connectivity on the East African cable system were experiencing “service degradation” on Thursday. However, the fault was rectified within 24 hours.

The Seacom system connects South Africa with countries in East Africa to Europe and India. But Seacom is yet to finalise the section of its cable through the Red Sea. As a result, it’s reliant on other cable systems than run through the region.

In a statement on its website on Thursday, Seacom says that “due to a fault on a transmission partner’s cable 3.7km from Alexandria, Egypt, certain clients are experiencing service degradation on the Seacom network”.

Update (1.30pm): Seacom says the fault on its partner’s cable has been repaired and all circuits are back in service.